The Enlightening Cliff

Tired, exhausted and almost dead I was
With great difficulty, I reached the top of the cliff
The intention was to get rid of all that pains
An easy bet it was, till I looked down from up there

I saw a 2 day old girl being cremated alive
I saw a 4 something boy being sodomized
I saw a 10 year old mentally retarded would-be mother on the road
I saw a 13 year old girl on the hospital bed, who was brutally assaulted beyond repair
I saw a pensioner fall unconscious on one of his many visits to the bank to resolve his pension issue
I saw an old widow running up and down the insurance agent’s building just to get her husband’s death proceedings
I saw a nursing mother being pulled by lustful customer

I saw a 9 year old boy slogging in a coal mine just to earn enough to pay his fees
I saw a eunuch being pelted with stones though everyone knew it wasn’t his fault to be born like that
I saw an old couple being forced out of their own house by their own children
I saw the soldiers getting martyred at the borders
I saw youngsters being brain washed in the name of religion
I saw couples being burnt alive in the name of honour
I saw people being butchered for organ trade
I saw wives being tortured for dowry and a male heir for the family
A worthy student being preferred to a not so worthy one, on the basis of reservation

I saw blood, terror, fear, anguish, anger, depression, hatred
And there in one corner I saw Love, Faith, Hope and Humanity almost breathing their last

And then I stood up with all my might
For I was filled with guilt
Guilt of only seeing
Guilt of not reacting
Guilt of continually cribbing and criticizing

I saw it all the time
I witnessed everything
But I never stood up
I never tried my bit
That could have made some change

I then realized:
Do I have any pains?
Aren’t all these that pain me?
Am I not supposed to help?
Am I not supposed to heal?

I then pledged to react not act.

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