Filter Coffee


For the past few days, with the first ray of sun he would embrace the phone and his day ended with the phone in his arms. She was really upset with this indulgence of him. Day by day, he was going farther away from her, and in fact getting addicted to the person on the phone. She sensed the indifference in his attitude. She feared because this was actually creating distance between both of them. He didn’t have the time or patience to listen to her or console her. How would he? He was so engrossed with his new found love.

She was so enraged that if allowed she could destroy the phone completely and finish the person on the other end. She wanted to save her marriage from becoming just a liability for him. She wanted to rekindle the fire, the passion and everything that they called love. She wanted to know who it was that was trying to break the peace of her home that she had built lovingly through all these years.

On Saturday afternoon, around 5 p.m., he called out, “Darling, a filter coffee please!”, still moving his fingers over the phone while plugging in the earphones.

This was it. She couldn’t take it anymore. The phone now felt like the other woman and she couldn’t bear the sight of his fingers moving mischievously over her curved body.

“No, I can’t let this happen to me. I will not.” she muttered to herself.

She went to the cupboard and picked up a bottle and mixed about two spoons of the contents with the filter coffee. Lovingly, she went up to him, sat next to him and handed over the filter coffee. She felt like it was ages since they sat so close to each other. She placed her hand over his shoulder and slowly caressed him. He then placed his head on her lap and she moved her fingers gently through his hair while he sipped his coffee. And he exclaimed,

“With you by my side, the filter coffee tastes quite different.”


Within a few minutes he dozed off. Such was the effect of the cough syrup. She knew it because the first time he took it, he had missed an important meeting in office, because he slept off beyond his usual time.

She didn’t waste anymore time. She immediately removed the earphones and plugged them into her own ears. She heard the voice of a female on the other side. She was talking about some Cafe Coffee Day outlet, diamond earrings and Ferrero Rocher chocolates excitedly. She couldn’t resist and screamed through the phone,

“Who the hell are you? Why will he meet you at Cafe Coffee Day? And why will he buy you diamond earrings and chocolates? That too Ferroro Rocher, which happens to be my favorite chocolate? Since how long have you been stalking him?”

She hadn’t finished and the phone got disconnected from the other end. She went to the dialed number and tried calling, but no one picked up. She tried looking for any other unknown number that he might have saved, but couldn’t find any. She scanned through the messages and found an SMS from the same number.

“NEthing 4 u, my dear! 🙂 ”

She was fuming with anger and….

Ding Dong!!!

The door bell rang and she swiftly but furiously went to check who it was. It was Reema, their childhood friend, who had settled down in the United Sates of America and was vacationing in India. She then told her how she took his help to locate the house. They spent the night together chatting about good old days while he was still asleep on the couch.

The next morning, she woke up to the voice of the sweet cuckoo clock on the bedside table. She switched off the alarm and while keeping the clock back found a greeting card with a box which contained a pair of diamond earrings and a big packet of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. She couldn’t help but smile on her own silliness.

Reema smiled at the prank that went almost wrong. A most beautiful vacation it was for her with two of her childhood friends.

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