Letters Unsent – Prompt #4

This post is written for WRITE TRIBE – Letters unsent.


Aah…finally there’s this wonderful chance I have got to write that unsent letter to my crush, my love…yeah yeah, you got it right….

….a letter unsent to Mr. Right. 🙂


To the Love of my Life, 

I know I know, you aren’t used to such endearments from me and that too so openly. 🙂 Don’t take it too seriously, it’s just an eyewash for the public. 😛

Really, it’s been such a hectic and fast ride through life that I’ve missed acknowledging some real good moments with as much excitement as I should have.

  • I’m no more that quiet and shy and in your words, the slightly unsure-of-herself girl, who used to be uncomfortable being the center of attention, sitting in that corner cubicle. You’ve truly managed to change me into whatever I’m today. The little confidence that I have now is all courtesy you. I know I know you’re smiling to yourself. 🙂 Again, don’t take it too seriously. 😛
  • Though I cherish every moment with you (yes, even those when we fight like cats and dogs 😀 ), my most cherished ones were those rides back home in Saket on your LML Vespa, when I would doze off at times and one or the other passersby would tell you to wake me up. 😀 I even enjoyed those rides from Sarojini Nagar and Malai Mandir to our home in Paschim Vihar in the heavy rains and then having our Masala Dosa each from Dosa Corner and a packet of flavored milk each from the Mother Dairy. I also loved the inifinite times we’ve had Dosa and sambhar at the counter at Jantar Mantar. All this definitely makes me believe Maa, when she says, “He got married to you only to have Sambhar and Idli-Dosa.” 😛
  • I love the wonderful nodding expression you make when everyone around you speaks in Malayalam, 🙂 Trust me, its the same expression I make when everyone around me speaks Garhwali. 😀 Let’s forgive people who forget our presence around and our lack of knowledge of the respective languages. 🙂

Ok ok…too much of love-shove, pyaar-shyaar…I’m diabetic and can’t handle so much of sweetness, so here I am adding some salt and spices. 😀

  • It indeed is amazing how two totally different people, brought up in totally different environments, having extremely different tastes get along. Oh sorry! I forgot opposites attract. 🙂 But that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. Men expect women not to change, but they do change. I can’t generalize but with me it has happened. I came from a family where non-vegetarian was almost banned and finally got married to a person who’ll die if deprived of non-veg for a week. I thought I’ll change you slowly, but you managed to change not just me, but also have the girls by your side. Grrrr &*^&@$%!$# 😡 😡 😡
  • I love the way you decide to call me, ‘Rekhu’, ‘Rex’ as per convenience and the need of the hour. ‘Rekhu’ when you want to call me from the kitchen to get you the calculator which is lying at just an arm’s distance from you. ‘Rex’ when you want to make me feel proud of the little interest I have in cooking and experiment new dishes for you and when you want me to help you with a PPT, XLS or an app on you iPad or smart phone. 😀 Yes yes…I do get it. 😛
  • I must admit that I learnt forgiving and forgetting after getting married to you. Of course yes! Otherwise, with  the non-stop snoring I would have killed you long back. 😀
  • I have a doubt and I am sorry to be using this platform for seeking the answer. Is it true that all Bhuddijeevis (Intelligent lots) get their ideas sitting in the restroom for longer than usual? I had heard it before but you are making me want to believe it. Or is it that the little sanity you’ve is also getting drained down? 😛 I bet out of the 10+ years we have spent together, you’ve definitely wasted half of it in your favorite spot with the newspapers and magazines. Sudhar jao or else I’ll have to take help from Lil Love who keeps locking you up. 😀
  • I really find it amusing to see your guts in giving me lectures on how to increase the confidence levels of Anu and how to make Lil Love make lesser pranks at school after every PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting). If you spend half that time in giving those gyaan to the girls, I could have still managed to remain sane. 😛 Yes yes I know you’ll come up with the same “I travel for 4 hours a day” thing. Chalo maaf kiya! 😛 What I find more interesting is the way you say, “Rekhu, today we need to get this done for the kids.” and then you turn to the kids and tell them, “Be after your Mom to get it done, if you really want it.” Grrrr kit kit %&^%&(*% 😡 😡 I forgive you this one, for the way you come to my rescue every time the kids come up with the most difficult questions. 😀
  • I get annoyed when my Mom teaches you Malayalam. I know everybody will be wondering why. I get annoyed because she only managed to teach you the words, Bhadrakali, Kazuthe, Patti, Pothu, Naaya and the likes. (For those who didn’t get it, these are words in Malayalam he uses to irritate me when I’m already irritated to the core.) It gets worse when you add your Kalla Chiri  (naughty smile) to it.
  • I also adore the way you categorize Pizza (my favourite food) as a healthy food or junk food, depending on whether the request is made by your colleagues or me. :-X

In all these years, the only person who has understood my plight is my Dad. That’s why he says, “You keep barking like a dog, while he’ll only do what he wants with the Krishna kind of smile.” He couldn’t have explained that in a better way. But I’m glad that Ma (Mr.Right’s mother) too has agreed to the same. At least she knows her son very well. 😛

Ok ok…I know you’re frowning and fuming. So that’s it for now, I’ll keep the rest in my wallet for using it the next time you manage to annoy me. 😛

Lots and lots of Love,



12 Replies to “Letters Unsent – Prompt #4”

  1. Such a lovely, true, heartfelt letter and the funny part is that I am quite sure that you would have never found the time or inclination to sit down and talk about all of these things in one shot with Mr Right and that precisely is the reason that I am really loving this Letters Unsent series 😀

    Awesome awesome post Rekha 😀

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