Our Platinum Day of Love

Just outside of the OT, I was informed that they will be performing Laparotomy (open surgery) instead of Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) as was told to me all that while because the equipment was not available. I was worried that my family outside was not informed about it till I saw his signature on the consent form which they made me sign.  

As the OT door closed and they wheeled me in, the last face I saw was of him through the glass pane of the OT door. He was waving and sent me a flying kiss. The uncertainty and fear was clearly visible on his face. I myself wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to see that face ever again and hence I closed my eyes with just that face to remember and I prayed for the very first time in those 8 days. I wanted to live, I wanted to live for him, with him, as his strength. I didn’t want anyone to blame him.


Inside the OT, the anesthesiologist was asking me various questions to distract me from looking at the various medical equipment that were there in the room. All I remember is the doc asking me my name and my husband’s name and then my qualification, and before I could answer there was a sudden gush of some liquid through one of my veins and then everything went blank and it was just peace. No pain, no dead end, no worries. Everything just ceased to exist. Pure vaccum.

As they transferred me onto the ward bed in that semi-conscious state, I tried opening my eyes and tried figuring out people around. The moment I recognized his shadow, I just touched his arm with whatever little strength I had and when he came close to my face, I uttered with all my might,

They didn’t perform laparoscopy, but they performed the open surgery. Please do check if they have removed my kidneys or uterus.

I could feebly hear the laughter that arose among whoever was there in the vicinity as he repeated to them what I had just told him. He had replied,

Don’t you worry. Now that you’re back, we’ll take care of everything.

I was under the effect of sedation and was sleeping for the past few hours. I just woke up to a slow hush-hush conversation that was happening in the ward. The lights had been switched off. The radium clock that was hanging on the wall showed it was half past two. I heard him telling the husband of this patient on the adjacent bed about our marriage, my illness and how worried he was about the surgery. At that time (I was just 24 and he was 28), our family had not accepted us after our continued efforts for many months of staying together and we had just moved out and had started our independent life. I very well knew how lonely and helpless he was feeling at that particular moment. I slowly moved the plastic curtain and saw him wiping off his tears.

A little later he came and lied down on the bed sheet provided by the hospital on the floor next to my bed. I wanted to speak to him, but because of the pain due to the pipes that were inserted through my throat I couldn’t utter anything. I forgot all my pain then and all I wanted to do was to throw away the cannulas from both my hands, remove the catheter, run to him and just hug him till eternity. But all I could do was keep looking at him all throughout the night. Don’t know when I fell asleep. Early in the morning, he woke up and as he planted a kiss on my forehead, I held his hand and wanted the moment to just stay forever. That was the day I once again realized that there’s no one else I would want to spend my life with, but him. That was our Platinum Day of Love.


June 8, 2004. Our Platinum Day of Love. Our day of realizing what real love was. Pure and white, just like Platinum. We knew we were just meant for each other and that’s why North met South. 

A love marriage ours is. Acceptance took time for both families, but he was always there with me during each and every tough moment. And at every step, he told me,

Together we will move mountains.” 

Yes. Together we did move all the mountains over the years.

We play, we tease, we argue, we fight, we debate, but all in all, we know that we love each other. And that’s all that matters.

We did not have a marriage where we exchanged rings, but we did exchange hearts once again on that very day.

And next year will be the 10th anniversary of our Platinum Day of Love and we’ll make sure to make it special in our own way. If possible I would love to gift him the Platinum Love Band. But ring or no ring, band or no band, we want the blessings of all to make our love story to be everlasting.

A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and a wonderful companion
A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and a wonderful companion


This post is written for the Platinum Day of Love contest in association with IndiBlogger.

74 Replies to “Our Platinum Day of Love”

  1. That was such a nice heartwarming story, and I surely am grateful for the Platinum Day of Love competition to have brought this story from you in such a wonderful manner 😀 May you guys live long and love longer 😀

    1. Thank a lot Jairam! 🙂
      The contest made me remember all those sweet little moments that made us realize what love is. It’s a wonderful feeling which I’m sure no one has been able to define precisely so far. 🙂

  2. “That’s why North met South” – Superb. Got all misty-eyed reading this. I love write-ups about love. Especially when they are from friends who I love. Lots of good luck for the contest. But then, that’s just a contest, this here is a Life of Love Achieved. What better! 🙂

  3. I have gone out of words for the first time. Really don’t want to spoil the intensity of how I have felt after reading this by writing any adjective that is most likely going to be far more less than it ought to be. Its been one of your best ever written and one of my best that I have ever read. This is for sure a Platinum. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sari! Can’t describe the feeling I had while jotting it down late last night. But surely that was one such day. A Platinum day. 🙂

  4. Indeed really Made for Each Other!!!
    That is really Platinum Day of Love
    Keep Going
    May God Allow You Both to enter
    Int Many More Platinum Day of Love
    Keep Inform
    Best Regards
    Philip Ariel

  5. A very nice piece, Rekha… and yes, I have always felt Vikesh was a good person… and the only eligible person around for you..:-) God bless you both…. and may you have many many more years of loving togetherness….

  6. Lovely post! Wish the two of you a BIG tenth anniversary, in advance! All the very best for a happy, cheerful and fun-filled life together amongst life’s ups and downs.

    1. Thank you so much RL! You deserve a treat too for this marriage. It would not have happened had you accepted my resignation that day. I owe a lot to you. 🙂

  7. Aww!! That’s so heartwarming, cute and beautiful too!! May the love you share today continue to grow with each passing day! Good luck for the contest, Rekha! Cheers 🙂

  8. Rekha you are one lucky lady who is blessed with a handsome and loving husband.this is what real love is.your love stood the test of time.that is the reason your families accepted you guys.may your relationship last forever.

    1. Thank you Swati for dropping by. Honestly, until unless you have all your elders in your life, it isn’t complete. There is always a void. I’m so so glad that everything fell into place with time. 🙂

  9. Its a blessed relation dear with all your elders blessings too I am the one who has witnessed all so I know how many prayers and offerings have been done for you both its all out of the love everyone had for both of you dear!

  10. I had gooseflesh all along. I don’t know what to say. I have read the post where you shared your story and so I can relate a lot of things to that as well. truly an inspiring love story. I hope and pray that each day brings you more such days of love. *hugs* and prayers from my way…


    1. Thanks Richa! Ours is a very simple story, but yes, we’re few of the lucky ones, who were not murdered under honour killing or a phatwa issued against us. Whenever I read of any such incident, the first thing I do is to thank the Almighty from saving all of us from those kind of situations. Your wishes are indeed blessings for us. 🙂

  11. I think the true test of a relationship is when you weather storms together – you had yours early and that’s what makes your relationship so special, Rekha. Both of you are blessed and I pray you continue to stay that way! ♥

  12. Mushy or senti, call whatever, I had tears welling my eyes as I read this post. Gosh, after 30, I guess I cry a lot. Everything moves me. Congrats Rekha on a beautiful life of togetherness. Love and hugs.

  13. I feel so happy reading true stories when boundaries created within our own country is removed and two people get together to create a bond, a better future! Loved your north meets south fairy tale!

    Wish you more happy years together!

  14. Such a beautiful heart warming story Rekha. A love that has gone through the hard phases of life and still stands strong is after all real love. You found it!
    God bless you both..

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