Surprises are Better Than Promises

They truly are. 🙂

On Friday, Anu, our first-born, told me that she’s got a consolation prize for a Judo competition. I congratulated her and told her to keep doing her best and one day she’ll win the first prize. She nodded. I assumed that there was some competition within the school in which she had won the consolation prize. I probed further, but as usual she just withdrew and changed the subject.

On Saturday, we (hubby and myself) went in the evening to pick them up from school as it was a holiday for us. And once we were settled in the car, Anu slowly pulls out something from her blazer pocket and hands it over to me saying,

Mamma, I have got something for you.

imageThis was the ‘something’ that my baby girl  handed over to me. 🙂

She won a consolation prize in Open Delhi Judo Championship. The first ever medal that my darling has won. 🙂 

I was all elated. Anu was all the more happy because she weighs about 22 kgs and had defeated two boys  from the fifth grade weighing 32 kgs and 38 kgs respectively. We shared the news with both set of grandparents, mausi, bua, chachu and everybody we could share it with. 

Wondering why a consolation prize is of such importance? 🙂

Anu is the first child in both hubby’s as well as my family and so has a special place in everyone’s heart. That’s why everybody was so happy. 

Oh yes! The victory of a child is very important to all parents. But this medal is extremely special for me.

Anu is excessively shy and introvert by nature. Not her fault. Both hubby and I were of the same nature. Probably, we still are. She’s now in third grade and in every PTM we have attended till date the teachers have always complained about her under-confidence. She is extremely shy and always keeps aloof. To the extent that she doesn’t disclose anything to you easily. Yes. Even to us, her own parents. She had recently been given a chance or rather was forced to take part in a skit where not many students had dialogues to deliver. Anu had a dialogue to deliver. We were not at all aware of this. We got to know of it when during the PTM the class teacher asked us why we had not sent her in a lehenga. Hubby and myself stared at each other. We were shocked. We had heard of it for the first time then. We informed the teacher. She was shocked too. We asked Anu but she did not respond. I asked the teacher if she delivered her dialogue properly. The teacher said that she was the only child who delivered the dialogue in her school uniform, but she delivered it pretty well. We tried counselling her a bit and also asked the teacher to help us as much as she can. 

We were also not aware of this competition. We were not aware that she had gone to a different school and that it was an inter-school competition and that she had won many rounds to reach there. This small achievement of hers has given me some hope. It looks like the first stepping stone. She seems to be becoming more and more independent and confident. From not participating in any activities other than studies, drawing and painting, essay writing or clay modeling, she has at least come to this level that she is now facing a crowd. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for this day because I was always worried about her confidence part. 

I am just praying that she improves further and becomes more and more confident and is able to take the world head on. 

There is one more reason for me being so happy.

As a child I had always wanted to learn some self-defense mechanism. Every time the boys from the nearby government school used to throw stones at me and my sis while on our way to the milk booth and back, I had wanted to turn back and look at them fiercely and may be give them a few punches. Every summer vacation, every time someone on the train teased me, I had wanted to kick him and throw him down the train. Every time someone in the bus had brushed past me deliberately, I had wanted to become a fierce fighter. So when I came to know that my little angel had interest in learning Judo, I was happy. But I was not sure if she’ll throw away her shyness and learn some techniques.

This small victory of Anu has boosted my confidence in not just her, but in myself too. I wish Anu succeeds to shed away all inhibitions, her shyness, her introvert nature and excels in everything that she does, everything that she’s interested in. 

I don’t think I have succeeded in conveying my exact feelings. But I’m feeling good having shared it with you all. I seek your blessings for her to succeed in all facets of life.

It is true that you always relive your childhood through your own child’s. Right now, I’m reliving mine. 🙂

18 Replies to “Surprises are Better Than Promises”

  1. I used to be a major introvert in my school days. Do you know when I talked to a member of the opposite gender properly? In 10th standard! I was that bad… in the end, it comes down to increasing her self confidence bit by bit.. getting her to interact more and take part in events like this where she sees herself getting appreciated for her efforts.
    Congrats to her… this is a big step.. make sure she keeps taking more and more…

  2. You have totally conveyed us your emotions 🙂 I remember having a similar trajectory in school. From drama to winning competitions and even shy but see I turned out be one helluva chatter box. We all turn out to be alright. And yes I myself wanted to learn judo but couldn’t 😐 you must be one proud mom now 😀


  3. What I have come to understand is that no one is completely introvert or an extrovert. I thought I was an extrovert but now, I seem to be very quiet and in some situations, I am completely gregarious and loud. We are all combinations and it takes the right things to make us come alive. Sooner you will find out that she will open up and come out alive when she really is interested in something.

    Many congratulations on her achievements. Best wishes for more.

    Joy always,

  4. Love the title, but I adore the post. I can see you pride coming through the words. I hear your prayer. I even understand your doubt if you conveyed your heart out or not. Mothers! 🙂
    Many congratulations to Anu, and a well-done to her encouraging parents too. 🙂

  5. Congrats to Anu!
    Congrats to the proud Parents & Family!
    Yeah, she have taken a big step… and that will just continue… And yeah keep encouraging and appreciating her like this always 🙂

  6. First of all congrats to the little one, she truly made herself and her parents very proud didn’t she!!!

    What you ought to do is to show these comments to her, and tell her that so many people who haven’t even met her are proud of her and her achievements, and that will go some way in encouraging her to be a little more sharing and talkative with you at least. Just try it out, it might just work!!!

  7. It is heartening to note her efforts to shed her diffidence,to learn new things,not afraid to join contests and above all do things without bragging.She will grow to be an achiever and do you both proud

  8. I relived my life when I heard about Anu’s achievement in Judo. I wanted to go to college after school but I couldn’t as my family could not afford it. Then I wanted my children to go to college and more. There were fortunate and did it. Now I want my little darlings to go far – more than what all their ancestors did! With the blessings and best wishes from friends like you, I am sure they will. Thanks

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