I Love My Chappati

Picture Courtesy: Google Image Search
Picture Courtesy: Google Image Search

I’m not a foodie. 

No, I seriously mean that. I do not have many choices, likes or dislikes. I eat almost everything that is offered to me except may be non-vegetarian food other than fish, chicken and lamb. These too I avoid on many a days. My mother too cannot tell you what my favourite food item is. That’s true. While she used to make a different sabzi for my little sis every time she had prepared baigan (eggplant) ka barta, bhindi (okra) or jimmikand (yam) masala, she never offered me such an option. It wouldn’t be right to put it that way and blame her, because I never showed my disinterest in any item. Thanks to Acha being with me during the initial 5 years. So Amma could never make out if I even had a dislike for a certain vegetable or dish. After marriage, I have always left it to the husband to order food at a restaurant. Not because I’m a pati-vrata patni (a chaste, devoted and loyal wife), but because I’m too lazy to even pick up the menu card and go through all the listed items. 😀 😉

Similarly, I am not a great cook. I am not at all fond of cooking. I cook only because there’s no one else to cook or because I find certain dishes prepared by me better than those prepared by the maid. I can just ensure that nobody remains hungry. It’s only recently that I have dared to try out certain new and quick-fix recipes shared on various pages during the weekends. 

I have a very bad habit which I haven’t shared with many. I cannot stand any disturbance when I’m having my dinner. Dinner is one meal that I prefer to have in peace. May be because I have always had my breakfast running around or gulping it all down within seconds. From school, to college and till date. Lunch was mostly a short but fun affair with friends and colleagues. So dinner is the only meal that I get to eat at home in a relaxed manner. I eat just one chappati (maximum two chappatis), but I want complete peace while having it.  

Post Lil Love’s birth, I had a tough time having dinner. As a crawling child she ensured that I never got to finish my meal. Either she will throw the plate by flying in from somewhere or she will jump directly into my plate. I would have happily accepted if it had helped me shed a few kilograms. But it didn’t. It only made me shed my patience.When she was one and a half years old, I decided finally that I could not take it any longer. I started having my meals before anybody else (including Lil Love) and I made sure that I’ll not get up even if there was an earthquake or a bomb blast. That saved me. Even now, most of the days I have my dinner by 7-7.30 p.m. The kids too have accepted that Mamma needs a peaceful dinner time else she becomes a monster herself. 😀 

Now before I forget, let me take you through the episode that I want to share today. 

After marriage, when we had shifted from our in-laws place and had started living closer to office, hubby always sat late in the office to complete his work. I was well aware that being a sales executive, he used to return to office late in the evening after his calls and then had to attend to his emails, train his juniors and submit his weekly sales reports  (those days laptops had not been introduced in our organisation). But since I had nobody to talk to at home, I was very upset about not having him around and having to wait for him till late in the night. One night, he returned home and asked me to serve food. By then I had gotten into the character of Kaikeyi and was lying on the bed fuming furiously. Thankfully I never speak when I am upset or angry. Poor guy kept repeating his request and I refused to respond. Tired he was and so he went straight into the kitchen to find nothing at all. He cannot skip meals. It’s a boon for me. 😀 He always says,

“Why to be angry with food? What sin has food done? Let’s have food and then we’ll continue with the fight.”

He came back and said the same. I didn’t budge at all. He then went and made chappatis (bread). By this time I had cooled down. So I got up and went into the kitchen to find a completely cluttered slab and messed up floor and two chappatis made by him. It would be incorrect to call them chappatis. They were of the size of 9-10 chappatis stuffed together. Chappattas. I named them. 😀 That was the first and last time I allowed him to make chappatis because he had used up as much flour that could have lasted us for a full week or 10 days. I had only seen such a scene in movies or daily soaps. That was the first and last practical experience. The good part is that it made me ensure that from that day onward I’ll only prepare the meals even if I was angry. 😀

Picture Courtesy: Google Image Search
Picture Courtesy: Google Image Search

So now you know that I love my chappati very very much. 🙂

On a different note, he’s a foodie himself and loves to try out different dishes. He also loves to cook sometimes. He does make tasty dishes like fish curry, chicken masala, meat, dal fry, egg curry, and I just love half-fry prepared by him. Once he also tried making Kadi Pakora. The only prerequisite is he needs a helping hand to get him all the right ingredients. He can’t differentiate some of the masalas. The side-effects of his cooking is that a massive cleaning drive needs to be undertaken post his scuffle with the utensils and gas stove. Also for the next several days, weeks, months, years, we get to hear stuff like, “I made so and so and it was so yummy.“, “You guys did not appreciate the out-of-the-world experience with my dish.” “That something that I made was much more tastier and perfect than this.” See, there’s proof that Sakshi’s post (When Men Cook) was such a truthful one. 😀

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This post if written as part of Write Tribe Festival of Words 2. Today’s prompt is ‘FOOD’.

38 Replies to “I Love My Chappati”

  1. Heheheh Chappattas….I can’ t stop laughing..heheheh 🙂 I can imagine the scene when you would have seen the messy kitchen and all the 10 days flour used up for two chappattas 😀 😀
    Same pinch..even I prefer to cook my meals, coz I know the after effects! However if hubby dear is so eager to experiment then I ask him to prepare Masala Sandwich which will be availble to eat by 11:30/12pm !!! Who eats breakfast at that time 😀

    Super post Rekha!

  2. Me too, me too, not a very enthusiastic cook, I mean 😀
    I cook only so that we will not go hungry. Well, in my case, when I am irritated, my husband cooks himself and for both of us. But yes, sometimes his chapatis looks like papad.
    Even though I am not an enthusiastic cook, whatever I cook, it comes out really well, or so my husband tells me. He has already said ‘I am a glorious cook’ just because I prepare vegetable biryani using MDH spice mixture. You can imagine my dilemma.
    These days I am baking cakes, and it is coming out well.
    Being an atheist who do no celebrate any festival at home, I never miss opportunity to celebrate with my friends be it whatever festival it maybe. Since I am in a European country, I have decided to join in the celebration and the month of December is a season for cakes, cookies, goodies prepared by my colleagues and shared at office, the decision I have made is to bake and share as well. After all festival is the time for sharing sweets and also calories, what say? 😀

  3. Funnily enough when you started narrating about your hubby and his chappatas I was reminded of Sakshi’s guest post on your blog and you ended up linking it here as well 😀

    Loved the post, nice take on the prompt.

  4. I think he made those chappattas on purpose, don’t you? 😉 Rekha, I’m so enjoying your posts and yesterday Jose too kept laughing through the evening thinking of the man in the monkey cap! The reason? He feels very cold too and I’m constantly teasing him about it! 😉

  5. Rekha, this is lovely post. Poor hubby,you made him do the most difficult job. Chapati making is tough for learners. You end up making maps of Australia.Enjoyed reading this post.

  6. Wonderful post! I can relate so much to the incidents u mentioned……i don’t like cooking at all and I cook for the same reason u cook :). I enjoyed the post very much.

  7. Men make these “Chappattas” just so that we won’t let them enter the kitchen again! I fell for it too. Later I came to know from my MIL that my husband used to watch cookery shows regularly and he even made chicken curry based on one such recipe before. I couldn’t believe it. All he makes at home are omelettes! He is a cleanliness freak so I always find the kitchen more clean than it was before the omelettes. 😀

    I hate cooking! My latest post will prove that beyond doubt! 😀 All this Food Nostalgia is draining me yaar. I am supposed to be on a diet! 😦

  8. Haa! Haa! Rekha first looks like you re on a diet. What only one chappatti? Secondly I loved that part of the little one jumping on your plate. I could visualize it. Third and the best part was one of the chappattis made by your husband. Lovely post and yes I agree men mess up the kitchen but then we have to pay for that helping hand.

  9. just 2 chapatis? how do you survive?! 🙂
    When men cook – ask me abut it!!! To make just one curry, my husband uses at least 10 vessels and 5 spoons! And the kitchen slab and floor will be in total mess. That makes me feel that starving would be a better option!

  10. Dear, Jiju is great as usual! By the way, who is saying that Jiju cannot differetiate between masalas? The one who use to get confused between white pumpkin and yellow pumpkin? And next who taught me to have ‘baigan ka barta’? That too when mom was away. Grrrrrr…….

  11. I am not fond of preparing the daily meals but love to experiment with new dishes. My son looks my cooking and he is the inspiration behind my cooking and practise makes a (wo)man perfect. Rekha I too love chappatis. they are stomach filling.

  12. I am not fond of cooking either but I prefer home cooking to eating out. SO no option than cook.
    Once I had a late evening conference. So I had asked Patidev to knead dough so that I would come and roll the rotis and save on time.
    He did knead but I didn’t know whether to make rotis out of it or break heads 😀

  13. Enjoyed reading this fun post! LOL @ Chapattas. 😀 My interest in cooking has waned over the years too, but that’s because husband is a master chef! I can relate to your enjoying dinner in peace… I love to have my tea that way. I hate distractions, phones, door bells at that time!

  14. Interesting post! I never get angry with Food, even if I’m very upset.
    Although, I’m not a bad cook, I’m not fond of cooking. I also cook because there’s no one to cook (Other than me) 🙂
    And I have a habit of reading or watching TV while eating …:)

  15. This is also why mom doesn’t let me in the kitchen except for things she knows I make better than her 😛 She says that it is easier to cook than to clean up after

  16. The only meal I get with peace and quiet is breakfast when everyone is still asleep! When my kids help with the cooking, they make great meals but I know that feeling of all the flour being used and a huge mess left behind!

  17. Rekha, as a man who enjoys cooking, I can tell you that we men often make Chapattas to make sure you never ask us to do it again. As much as I love eating them, I hate making them. Mine always looks like one of those blobs from the Rorschach ink blot test. But yes, enjoyed your story and how you weaved in the Chapatti (and Chapatta) bits:) And ofcourse how you linked Sakshi’s post 🙂

  18. Hahahaha!! Serve me with Cheta’s special chappatta’s and chicken curry when I’ll visit your home once. I loved going through this, Chechi. *Hilarious one* 😀


  19. 😀
    I find making chapathis the easiest. I eat chapathis and subzi for dinner most nights too and skip rice.
    And yes, I am a self-confessed foodie!! 😀

  20. He He He.. Rekha – What a delightful and burpy read that was.. Chappattas made me smile right through! From my experience, I can say that you only get better with time.. And learning more about you through the WT posts.. Looking forward to more

  21. Ha ha…nice post. When my husband cooks.. its like surgery. I am the nurse who stands by the surgeon to hand him each and everything for the surgery. 🙂 so I’d rather just cook myself. 🙂

  22. haha nice! And the last bit quite reminded me sakshi’s post 😀 Also I am not a foodie but my choices are not flexible as your. Mum would love to have you as daughter Rekha 😛


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