Music: Good, Bad, Ugly???

Music. I’m sure everyone relates to music in one way or the other. I find music in every small daily routine as described here in this post of mine, Do These Sound Familiar?. It’s one of my initial posts and I just love it immensely.

As a teenager, I was a music buff. All kinds. From Pop to Rock. From Desi to Videshi. I even had a 2 year singing stint with a Bhajana group as a child. We has a Sony stereo system, which I admit was solely my property. Yes, not that I had illegally taken ownership of it, but I was the all-in-all RJ-MJ-DJ at our house. It used to be switched on since 5 in the morning starting with Amma’s Bhakti Geetam cassettes  (yes, I’m one from the primitive age when CDs and DVDs had not been invented) and then it continued to be on at all times that I was home. In the afternoons after school, even before putting away the school bag or removing the shoes, the first thing I used to do was put on AIR FM Music. Everything else came later. After freshening up we’ll help Amma make rice, papadam and some fast forward dish. I and my little sis did it all dancing around all the time. I can see her nodding continuously while reading this. 😀 Bliss those days were. 🙂

Once Acha was on vacation and on our visit to a cousin’s place, I had borrowed the cassette of the latest release Love starring Salman Khan and Revathi. At home, I put on the cassette at high volume and sang along with it. Amma was furious. Did you ask why? There was this song in the movie, Aaja aaja give me a kiss, Naa na na na till I am a miss. I know for most of the parents and grandparents of those days, it was a song which should have been banned. 😀 Let me tell you it’s actually a beautiful song with some great lyrics. So for the next few days, it was just this casette running all the time at home at high volume. I did it again and again deliberately to annoy Amma. 😉 Amma went and complained to Acha who is such a sweetheart that he just told her that it was our age to learn and we’ll learn as and when the time comes. And true to his words some days later, I myself felt that there was something wrong with the first few lines and so I used to reduce the volume every time this song played on the cassette or on FM.

Now that I am a mother, I can understand Amma and her reactions during those days in a much better way. But honestly, I don’t get annoyed. I enjoy when I see Anu singing with closed eyes, Tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho from Aashiqui 2 or Ban ke titli dil udha  from Chennai Express. The smile on her face is just so beautiful that you can experience how a little child slowly grows up into a girl. 🙂 She also loves that beautiful song (yes I too find it beautiful) from Desi Boys, Subah hone na de shaam hone na de, though the lyrics are a bit weird for many. 😛

On the other hand, there’s our Lil Love who only sings songs like Fevicol se from Dabbang 2, Beedi jalaile  from Omkara, Munni Badnam hui from Dabbang, Chikni Chameli and the likes. This girl I tell you is a different breed. 😀

But there’s one trouble with music buffs like me who do not understand some of the Hindi words, especially the cuss words. There’s this song Bhaag D K Bose from the movie Delhi Belly. I was never privy to such information. I didn’t know that the word was one with double meaning or was an offensive term. I have this habit of singing along and I do it for all songs of which I either love the music, the lyrics or the singer’s voice. Sitting in the cab, I did just that with the D K Bose song and I was amused when everyone around was staring at me and then they started laughing. Crazy experiences I tell you I have had. 😀

vecchio libro con stilografica

So that was my musical post for you as part of Write Tribe Festival of Words 2. Today’s prompt is MUSIC.

24 Replies to “Music: Good, Bad, Ugly???”

  1. Cute walk down memory lane with today’s prompt. My little one also likes her music videos, especially Tamil ones which keep playing on Sun Music and Isaiaruvi the whole day…

  2. It was an enjoyable post.Your love for music nurtured only by the radio and the AIR , the poor understanding of Hindi lyrics and your amma’s consternation are all familiar experience in every household of those days

  3. I was not much a music buff. But there were days when I could plug in the music in high volume with all the windows open and the balcony door too… so even when I go downstairs I could hear the songs. Pure selfishness. But as my neighbours were angels noone ever complained. 😉

  4. Rekha this a very humorous post. Music is for all times. I am from an era when cassettes were not known. There were gramophones, but love for music was the same. the songs were different but emotions were the same.

  5. Haha cute and amusing walk down the memory lane! Most of today’s songs are no doubt catchy…but the lyrics are a joke…n they can’t sustain….personally nothing can beat the everlasting songs of Kishore da and Rafi Ji!

  6. Rekha, you’re taking us down memory lane everytime you write on one of these prompts. And I love it. Not only does it invoke good memories in each of us, it also shows a different side to you 🙂 Loving it..every day!

  7. Omg Rekha.. That was one faux pas! First lesson of Bollywood music.. NEVER sing it till you know what it means. Though I love the music these days the lyrics do seem to have taken a beating other than a few songs by the likes of prasoon joshi. I remember that film.. Love.. Had some great songs and Revathi looked so sweet.

  8. Honestly, I still love the songs from that movie “Love” … ‘Aaja AAja’ as well as ‘Saathiya ye tu ne kya kiya”… SP Balasubramaniam 🙂
    I know the lyrics were racy but it was still lovely songs back then, I feel.
    Nowadays, barely one or two songs a year have a real lasting presence and none of them are for being hummable… mostly just for beats.
    Having said that, Aashiqui 2’s main songs were gorgeous.

    My take on the prompt:

  9. LOL! Rekha, amusement never ceases when you have little ones around you. I understand your Amma very well. I couldn’t listen to loud music, it would give me a headache and most everyone in my home had deaf ears and had to listen to it at full volume. I too, am from the LP and Cassette era…when I tell my children about it they look at me like I landed from Mars, they have no idea what I am talking about, so I had to give them history lesson on LP and Cassette and walk-man and disc-man and Indian Music too…all of which bodes well for situation comedies at home.

  10. Hahaha! Rekha…I toally understand your predicament here. My naani took great offence to a song like Darwaaza Band Kar Do (Darr), but she approved of Choli Ke Peeche. Your reference to the song from Love is such a classic. yes, we grew up together. As a parent, my son is a music and dance buff. But yes there are all kinds of songs these days and I am usually worried about what he listens too.

  11. Like I had my own personal collection of music which dates back to age ten. And yes as parents often we need to get the hang of latest music to understand kids. No? Like your father did…


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