Clouds – A Picture Story (8 pictures)

I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.

~ Mike Tyson

Have your ever chased clouds? 

I have. Always. Since I was a child.

Mom used to tell me that the clouds could move around freely and faster and they could reach Dad, who lived in the deserts, faster than the postal letter could. I would look up at the sky when I was happy, when I was sad, when I was excited, when I was amused, when I was angry. In short, I would look for clouds all the time except when the report card was received.


I have sailed from Rank fifteen to Rank first and every letter from Dad in response to my result would invariably have the first paragraph congratulating me for my performance and the second paragraph always beginning with, ‘I am extremely disappointed that you lost these many marks in so-and-so subject.’ This did not change even when I lost just one mark in Mathematis. He was still congratulating me and was also disappointed. I guess that was his trick to motivate me to perform better every time. But trust me, it kept me confused all the time thinking that was he happy or upset with me.


Slowly but surely these clouds became those friends of mine with whom I could communicate freely through by eyes. No one would overhear us. No one would understand our language except us. I would pour my heart out to the clouds and they would sometimes cry with me. Getting drenched in those tears would help me let go. That feeling cannot be explained through words.


Have you ever bothered to watch them from the other side through the aircraft window. If my mood was happy, I could see an ice-cream factory that reminded me of the childhood nursery rhyme ‘chocolate ke bangle mein toffee ke dwaar’.

At times I am amazed because the cloud formations look like nothing but a visual description of the state of my own mind. When I used to miss Mom’s cuddles, I would end up seeing a Mommy bear cuddling a Teddy bear. A cone of ice-cream would pop up when the taste buds craved for one.


If I ever felt romantic, watching the sky would remind me this song from the movie Delhi 6. Especially the line ‘samandar leheron ki chadar odh ke so raha hai.’  To me the the clouds enveloping the vast sky seemed like a cosy blanket helping the sky sleep peacefully.


At times I wonder if these clouds are nature’s tears which like mine have lost the strength to stick on to the eyelids and are almost at the verge of flowing down like a downpour. And as I look up consolingly, a drop or two would fall on my cheeks consoling me back.


I have seen so much with these clouds, I have travelled so much with them and yet a glimpse of them is all it takes for me to be a child again. Jumping happily and hopping on to the terrace to capture them before they departed. The fire spitting dragon whom everyone dreaded was my chariot. I would imagine getting on to it and moving around the globe making friends.


The thunderous clouds seem like musical notes sent to remind you of a lost friend who just thought of you. With the breeze moving the clouds, my heart races to stop them for a little while more. Alas! They don’t. But they do make way for yet another bunch of clouds that bring in yet another batch of memories.

I read Varsh‘s post Clouds ~ The Daily Post Prompt first thing this morning and ever since I was itching to post mine. Her love for clouds was much much similar to mine. And I enjoyed her journey with the clouds. Hope you had a wonderful time reading this picture post along with Varsh’s.


This post has been written for prompt Clouds on The Daily Post

17 Replies to “Clouds – A Picture Story (8 pictures)”

  1. You put it so beautifully Rekha! Your old relationship with clouds is very warm and comforting. Your way of connecting with them and talking to them is great.
    You click absolutely breathtaking pictures of clouds! Different hues…different moods….simply lovely. Thank you for including my post link here. 🙂

    1. Varsh, as I mentioned you’re the reason this post is up. I had no intention of writing a post today. But your words and those pictures made me sit down and scribble these words. I believe somewhere we all connect with each other. And may be our connection is through our love for clouds. Thank you for making me write this one. 🙂

      1. So sweet of you to say that Rekha. I’m glad you wrote this post because I loved your take on it. The important thing is that we found a connection through our love for clouds, and that’s the best part.

  2. A beautiful post with wonderful pictures to complement it! Very beautifully expressed thoughts Rekha! I felt light and happy as a fluffy white cloud while reading it.

  3. Ohh the clouds and the way it took you back to your childhood … so beautifully expressed… Clouds always manage to stir some strange emotion- happy, strange, free … sometimes all mixed together … Loved the captures 😀

  4. Love the way you have spun a dreamy story around clouds! Myself and my daughter we love imagining clouds to be varied things. It’s one of our favorite games! 🙂

  5. Beautiful pictures, Rekha 🙂 I love chasing clouds, I love watching them as they float leisurely across the sky….Your picture story reminds me of Kalidasa’s “Meghdootam” where the Yaksha requested the cloud to be his messenger… 🙂

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