Mismatch turns into Luck


Ever felt proud to have spent Rs.700 for something that doesn’t cost more than Rs.70?

I did. 🙂

An extremely struggling month I had starting February 20th, with the World Book Fair along with Ananya’s Final exams and our National Sales Meet. We were working on weekends for four continuous weekends. Amidst all this, I am reminded by my friends-cum-colleagues about the “Showcase your Region/Tradition” on the Gala  Dinner & Awards Nite ceremony.

Pinks: Let’s all wear a Saree this year. I’m also planning to wear one.

ME: Yes. Yes. I am game for it. 🙂

Pinks: Chalo, then pakka…pack up your stuff without fail. 🙂

ME: Sure. Lemme first finish all my PPTs. 😦

On the night before we had to travel, I packed up my stuff in a panick-striken mode at 11.40 at night after having slogged for two continuous nights on the PPTs.  Didn’t get the matching blouse and was almost thinking of taking a different saree than our traditional Kasavu Saree, that the feeling of betraying my state, Kerala – God’s Own Country,  overcame me. Somehow managed to get a blouse almost matching with the saree. Not so happy though, went to sleep for 3 hours. 😦 

Finally all set for the Sales Meet, we head for our destination. All thru the bus journey, sleeping and falling over and over again, finally we reach Le Meridien, Jaipur. Though tired almost to death, our delight was reflecting on our faces upon reaching our respective villas. Some perks of working in an MNC. 🙂

The day before the Gala Nite, I suddenly realized that I had brought in all the necessary accessories except the most important one, the Petticoat (Underskirt; Adipavada in Malayalam ).

Alas! What else can happen to someone who hasn’t been in her senses for the past few weeks.

What I needed was a Cream-colored stuff to match the Kasavu Saree. I hated and cursed the people who made the Kasavu Saree have a default cream colour. 

I thought,  “Why couldn’t those buggers make it some dark colored saree? I could have worn any colored pavada with it. I could have borrowed from someone.”

How I wished I could go back home. Suddenly came the image of the Shopping Gallery of Le Meridien to my mind.  At 8.50 p.m. went to one of the shops, bargained and bought a cream-colored Men’s Pyjama (originally priced at Rs.950) for Rs.700, though it was only worth about Rs.70. I was feeling stupid for having done this crap.

I could have had two Pizzas at that cost. 😦

All dressed up we reached the Gala Nite venue. Pics, compliments, all flowing in and me laughing to myself at the creative idea I had used to save Kerala. 🙂

Then comes the annoucement about the winners for the best Regional Attire. Third prize announced, and winner is a very dear friend who’s been the 1st prize winner  for almost all the contests and she actually works hard towards it. Then came the announcement of the 2nd winner.

Now, all of us waiting eagerly to know who’s the first prize winner and guess what…it was the Kerala Kasavu Saree with the Men’s Pyjama that won the first prize.  🙂

Note from one of my teachers on my FB page :

“After the crowning, u were dizzy with happiness?????!!!!!!!!”

No Teacher! I fainted in the bus on my way back from Jaipur coz my BP (Blood Pressure not the “Bharthavinne Pedi” (Fear of Husband) and my Sugar count (you know how sweet I am :-)) went extremely  low due to the high stress levels.

Rs.700 spent was actually worth it! Ain’t it? 🙂

Do These Sound Familiar?


Watchman tapping the bamboo stick at midnight… scary and black.

Song of Crickets & Frogs flowing in through the darkness… even more scary and deep black.

Loud snoring of spouse… disgust and blue (feel like kicking, right???) 😀

Dawn Breaks…Thank God 🙂

Bells ringing in Temple to ward off all evils…“Can someone ring it in my hubby’s ears?” Raudram and Red. 😦

Morning Call to Prayer from the Mosque…“Get up man!” 😛

Yesudas/Unni Menon devotional songs running in the background… Sringaram and light green “Only music makes me stick around” 🙂 

The cuckoo clock striking 6 in the morning… First gear! Red Again! 😐

Rattling noise when motor gets switched on…“Hate it!” Deep Red! 😐

Raindrops falling on the window shade… “Life is still beautiful!” Light Green! 🙂

The Call Centre cab screeching to a halt… Panick starts. 😦

A new-born crying out of discomfort or seeking milk… Sympathy and Grey 😦

Sound of colliding utensils from the kitchen… Disgust 😐

Tripping droplets from the shower… Happy and Peace 🙂

Continuous chirping of roosting birds…Wonderful and amazing. Yellow! 🙂

Running water in the nearby water-treatment plant… Grey.

Never tried to analyze them one-by-one…right??? That’s Me! 🙂

The footsteps of neighbourhood uncle upon his return from morning walk…

Leaves blowing through the Light Breeze… Love and again Light Green.

Door bell rung by the domestic help…

The trotting sound of the train leaving the close-by railway station…

Train-induced vibration of the Metro tracks…

Anklets Bells of Ananya ringing… “Yeah, my Baby girl is still fast asleep.” 🙂

Instumental Bollywood song when the mobile phone rings… Like it? Depends.

The newspaper falling ‘Thud’ on the balcony floor… “One of the co-wives of Hubby Dear” 😦

My Love typing on the laptop keyboard… “One of the few inventions that I wish didn’t happen.”

Sound of the kitchen aid Juicer Mixer Grinder… “Bhookh ke liye saala kuch bhi sunega! 🙂

The click sound when the UPS tried to stabilize the voltage…

The noisy “Jigger Valve” sound of the Pressure Cooker… “Look Love would have vanished in sleep itself.” 🙂

The “Shhhhhh” sound when the Dosa is being cooked on both sides… “Hungry Kya?” 🙂

The sound of door opening and creaking… Irritating and Scary at times

The tinkling sound of the cycle-rickshaw bell…

And finally, I can hear my Heartbeat… “Oh No,  No! It’s not Love!” 🙂

It’s a New Morning…with New Sunshine…New Hopes… 🙂

The Day I was Reborn…

7th February…

The most important day in our lives…

Vix and I got married after having known each other for over 3 years.

I have a friend list that can run into pages…but after my parents, and my lil sis,Vix is the only person on earth, who understands me so well. He’s been with me through the thick and thin of the journey called Life.

After a year and a half of our marriage, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, a completely destroyed ovary, two ovarian cysts and two completely blocked fallopian tubes.

Endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the womb (uterus) grow in other areas of the body. This can lead to pain, irregular bleeding, and infertility.

I underwent a surgery in June, 2004. Life was tough for the next two years, with my continuous medications, societal questioning and self-accusation leading to occassional bouts of depression. But with Vix and my family by my side, I could get on with it. Depressed to the core, I was.

And then my prayers were answered.

Wishes to Heaven

Thanks to my gynae, Ms. Kamal Buckshee (a 65+;  I envy her for the warm and wonderful person she is, the way she carries herself and for her positive attitude), I shared the good news with my family and friends in June 2005.

September, 2005…

A sweet little butterfly often made me feel its presence by fluttering its wings in my womb. It was like my shadow, which used to be with me all the while. (The difference was this one didn’t disappear at sunset, rather was more active post sunset).

October 2005…

Oh, I just cherish the moment when you kicked me the very first time. A feeling no Mom can explain well enough. I used to talk to you all the time. I used to write to you regularly. My every breath knew your presence and wanted to protect you with all I had.

January 2006…

You were just weeks away from being there in my arms. Kicking, turning and punching hard all the time. Though a bit painful it was, I was loving it all. There are few things in the world as exciting as feeling your baby move inside your belly.

6th February 2006…

Your Dad had a travel assignment, he couldn’t cancel. But we were fine, coz you were to come on Valentine’s Day only. Dad left on the wee hours of 6th Feb to return on 13th Feb.

7th February, 2006…

Restless like you are even now, you couldn’t wait for long.

Yes, I was Reborn on the 7th of February, 2006 as a Mother. You put life back into me and after a long long time. I learned to live again, enjoy life and have fun.

Ananya @ Day 7

There your were, a cute little bundle with curious eyes wide open, looking at all the docs, nurses, and pediatricians in the labour ward and finally started crying after you were able to locate me. My happiness then knew no bounds. Even today, I cherish every moment of that journey called Pregnancy.

Anu @ 6 months

A wonderful birthday to my baby girl Ananya, who’s turning 6 tomorrow.

This is to tell you once again…I Love You, my angel. 🙂

Yours lovingly,