Story: Breasts – An episode from a 10yr girl’s life!

Dinesh, I’m late. But better late than never. I’m glad that I did not miss this beautiful story. Very touching and I’m surprised at how you’ve managed to put in words the emotions of that little girl. Though there are many grammatical mistakes in this story, I give it to you for the emotions displayed so beautifully. Heart-touching indeed. There are thousands of girls in this world who go through such situations and I wish more of them just get a happy family as the girl in this story. Sharing it on my page. Do get the Tamil version published in whichever medium possible. It needs to be read and understood by more and more people. 🙂



“There are good people as well as bad people only a few are lucky enough to find good souls, sometimes a few are destined to.. This is a story of a 10 yr old girl who ran away from home after child abuse, the people she seen in the next two days. Whether her life ended up good or bad..”
Note: I wrote this as a narration of a little girl and her expressions, so grammar may resemble to how they speak.. I tried my best to emulate a 10 yr old. Please forgive if I am not up to the mark. I am no expert writer. 🙂

It has been 2 days since I had ran away from my home. I have no money left, also no intention to return to that bad home. But I wanted to go to my mother who had fallen asleep last year and I…

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