Letters Unsent – Prompt # 3

This post is written for WRITE TRIBE – Letters unsent.


I somehow missed writing the letter to the stranger. I had so much in me for the stranger. Sigh! 😦 

So this time, without wasting any time, I’m jumping into this letter to the one and only sibling I have on earth. 🙂

Ren, here comes my unsent letter to you…I’m sure she’s gonna kill me after reading this. 😀


Letters Unsent – Prompt # 3 – Your sibling (or closest cousin) / Your favorite internet friend

Hey Ren, 

I had to spend almost two days to decide how to address you.

Did you ask why?

Ok. It took me so long to decide, because I was worried if I should address you as Ullu (Owl, as I used to call you when we were toddlers), Gadhi (a Jenny or a female donkey; this was your pet name when I managed to become a teenager), Moti (Fatty, just after you put on weight after the Jaundice-Typhoid attack), Ren (this civilization happened when I got married) or Bachhe (and this when you got married). See, how difficult it was to decide. 😀 

One fine morning, Amma (who was just my Amma then 😛 ), asked me if I wanted a brother or a sister and I remember telling her,

I only need a sister. Boys are very naughty and will break things and will beat me to death.

The next thing I remember is creating a scene near the kitchen at Ammamma’s (grandmother’s) house. Muthachan (grandfather) and Mema (maternal aunt) were trying to persuade me from not jumping into the water-well. Yes, I did that at 3 and a half. I was threatening them that if Amma comes back home with a boy, I’ll jump into the well. And within minutes, Amma was there with you, all wrapped in cotton. You were so tiny that I couldn’t see anything but your nose. 😀 And I wondered why did Amma come back with just a Poky Nose covered in a piece of cloud. 😀

You were really a very good girl till you started sleeping between Acha and Amma, sharing the space that was solely my property. Huh! 😡 Anyways, I managed to forgive you and not-so-happily shared the space after days of sweet future stories from Amma. But the dormant volcano erupted again, when you started crawling and messing up with the only two toys that I had, a tricycle and a Boeing 747 (Yes, as a child those were the only toys that I had and it was gifted to me by my Dad’s then Boss, who mistook me as a baby boy. Boo Hoo… 😦 ). I felt like thousand pieces of broken glasses pricking me when Dad used to pick you up once in a while. Sorry for being so blunt, but that’s the exact feeling. 😛

And then slowly we started growing up. I was the naughtiest one of the two of us. But I was also the stupidest of the two of us. Stupid because I never knew how to hide things and would end up getting scolded for having said the truth. How many times have I got punished because of you screaming. Did you ask screaming for what? Screaming for me having snatched the torn sheet of paper from you, the few bites of noodles that I used to stealthily take from your plate. What used to annoy me was the fact that though you were pretty tiny compared to me then (I was said to be a tall child), you were not at all scared of me and you had a voice which was thousand decibels more than mine. In short, I could never really bully you. 😦 But thanks to Amma, who never used to punish me alone. She was so impartial that without bothering to know which one of us was at the wrong end, she used to spank both of us equally. We actually deserved it most of the time. Didn’t we? 😉 After all, ek haath se taali nahi bajthi. (Hindi Idiom for ‘It takes two to quarrel’) 😀

And hey, don’t kill me after reading this episode that I’m sharing here: Once Amma scolded you for something you did and I guess I only provoked Amma….you were so so angry with me that later while playing, you pushed the stool so that it falls on my foot. But the stool after swinging for a while fell on one of your toes only. Jaise ko taisa it was. 😛 Honestly, whenever you were crying in pain, I felt really guilty. It pained even when you flew out of the emergency exit of the DTC School bus on the busiest Ring Road and when you accidentally burnt both your arms as boiling milk got slipped out of your hands. 😥 😥

Now that I have mentioned this episode, I must share this one too. You were really a great soul to have been doing each and every homework of yours on time and perfectly, including the 25 drawings that you were supposed to complete during the summer vacations. If it was not for your drawings, I would not have been able to spill various colors onto them and score an A+ grade in Arts in 10th standard. 😉 

Yeah, I was a lazy daisy duck, when it comes to doing homework. Ahhhh…I wish Anu doesn’t read this. 😀

After all those crazy childhood days, it was when I got a job, that I felt a motherly feeling towards you. And there you were still trying to act as if you were a mother of about a dozen like me. Daadi Amma, you were and you are. 😛

Then my marriage and the repercussions. I know you were at the receiving end many a times and hats off to you for the way you handled people and responded bravely to all their accusations and the tough situations that continued for a while. 

Ren and me just days after my marriage in Dec 2002

Though I was the most excited about your wedding and did all the shopping from the wedding card, to the clothes, to the jewelry along with you, without realizing what the immediate future held for us. The five minute walk from the Guruvayoor Kalyana Mandapam to the Hotel where the reception was arranged was the longest journey I have ever covered. After the Thaali Charthal (Mangalsutra ceremony), when the photographs were being clicked, I innocently stood right next to you with my ever smiling face. It was only when the photographer asked me to move away as he wanted to take a family photograph that I realized the severity of the situation. After having gotten used to sharing Amma and Acha with you, now it was time for me to share you with a completely new family. And that’s exactly when I felt a special respect for your Jiju for not having made me realize that gap for all those years. 

I am not sure when and how did we start getting along so well. The tons and tons of Tikkis, Gol-Gappas, Pizzas, Momos and the Chatmolas that we have munched together, the numerous window shopping experiences, mehandi sessions, those were the bestest days of my life. The 15 days vacation that you now spend with us are like a lifetime of happiness for each one of us. The wait for the next vacation continues. But thanks to technology which keeps us together all the time….just a click away (Thank God we weren’t born prior to Alexander Graham Bell’s birth). 

 I think it’s time for me to stop this letter now. Else the house’ll be flooded with tears early in the morning and your Jijs will have to wake up early on his sleeping day. 😀

Love you Da, 


Raji (Ren calls me by this name)

14 Replies to “Letters Unsent – Prompt # 3”

  1. Although I don’t have siblings myself, I have seen my wife and her sister from really close quarters especially during the last 3 yrs now and have to say that I understand your feelings towards Ren to a very large extent. It is when I read letters like these and listen to some of the old stories that my wife and her sister share with me that I really miss having a sibling….

    Nice post….

  2. My dear Raji Thanks dear you felt the gap only at the kalyanan mandapam and I had already felt it 2 days before going to Kerala itself and only Chinu knows it anyways life had to be like that and regarding the stool episode it was not you dear I don’t want to name the one you know who was along with us 🙂

  3. Am missing my sister more after reading your letter. I can relate to so many funny naughty things which i shared with my sister.I love this picture…:) Time to give her a call..

  4. I have a sister as well and when I read this, I felt like seeing her (she’s in office now and will be back in the evening). Well demonstrated, Rekha. I’m sure she read this post of yours and felt like hitting/hugging you in turns.

    Joy always,

  5. Thankyou very much! Yeah. Names all seems to be funny now. Childhood is the best part of life and we are still children aren’t we?

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